doucely gabapentin is it addictive All Star Sports & Culture, LLC is a global event sports marketing and management company.  The company specializes in branding, promotion, licensing, event management, training and education in the sports industry.  The company handles promotion of all types of events, including soccer, basketball, mixed martial arts, winter sports, golf, volleyball, tennis, and other sports.  Focuses of activities include:

All Star is focused on short and long term maximization of all of its clients’ needs and goals.  Long term successful management begins with an analysis of all possibilities and a structure is developed to reach desired results.  Through our strategic alliances in the industry, we achieve top of the line results.  We pride ourselves in being well respected and achieving results around the globe.


One of our objectives is to provide our clients with sports sponsorship and sports endorsement packages that achieve their objectives. Survival and growth for any sporting organization and venue operation depends on sourcing revenue. However, sponsorship can be risky, particularly if the association doesn’t fit. The brand or product must have synergy with the sport and opportunities to develop a relationship must exist. Measurability is paramount as sponsors need to see a direct return on their investment.


Building a long term commitment is about developing relationships. These relationships must be of financial benefit to all parties, but satisfy environmental and social needs. These relationships are not only with the sponsor and the sport but also with co-sponsors. Brands have the potential to attract high revenue sponsorship but sponsors will only pay on existing brand value not on what you believe it will be in the future.


Our management team utilizes their expertise in adding value to every event, league, or arena that we work with.  We develop relationships between sporting sponsors, athletes and sports rights holders. The objective is to provide our sporting sponsors the right property to achieve their sponsorship objectives.  It is vital to research a corporate brand's objectives which help us in understanding the corporate philosophy. The future plans must be built on the brand's past commitments whether successful or not.


We intend on building a strategy to give the brand a competitive edge and promote its attributes to gain market share or market entry. Selecting the right brand-fit with an appropriate sport's property is crucial and should be carefully planned to assure that long term involvement is not jeopardized due to poor foresight. We specialize in being creative and leaving a long lasting brand and promotion experience.


In addition, the selling of broadcasting rights opens new avenues for revenue streams. The rights need to be packaged and valued, then negotiations will include the sale of rights, inventory and program sponsorship.


We are aware of the importance of broadcasting sport to secure large revenue streams from the broadcasters but also to ensure that corporate sponsors obtain exposure to a large, measurable audience. There is almost always a potential to also incorporate several untapped revenue streams usually disregarded or unknown to many clients.



To execute, manage, build, educate, and prosper the globe with a complete existing and new sports model




All Star Sports is a collection of services creating a unique sports model with experienced individuals, coaches, and current athletes.  All Star Sports partners with cities, states, regions, and countries.  Our philosophy is to not only work with current and professional athletes, but to educate and produce the best new young athletes.  All Star Sports is also focused on new improvements in manufacturing, new technologies, and integration and management of stadiums and arenas.  All Star Sports has a team of experts in financing, profit modeling, event cost benefit analysis, and development management for arenas throughout the world.  All Star Sports also has unique sports curriculum in the United States through the University of Sports, which also teaches courses in sports management and sports medicine.  All Star Sports has also focused branding efforts to bring corporate brands into sporting events in China and Asia, and to further integrate them into education and training for youth programs.

All Star Sports has brought the 3rd largest mixed martial arts (MMA) company in the world to China and throughout Asia.  World Series of Fighting Global Championship (WSOF-GC) is a US based sports brand in the fastest growing sport in the world.  All Star Sports is working with local partners to bring WSOF throughout Asia, and landed WSOF in China with a worldwide press release announced from the Great People’s Hall in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China in July 2015. On November 21, 2015, WSOF-GC inaugural event in Asia was held successfully at Haikou Arena, China. On February 7, 2016, WSOF-GC 2 was held at Tokyo Dome City Hall in Tokyo, Japan.


All Star Sports is also currently involved in branding and trademarks for some prominent brands including the recent branding of “35-13” for former NBA star Tracy McGrady.  “35-13” is currently anticipated to be utilized for a green energy drink, clothing, and other promotional purposes in China and throughout Asia.

All Star Sports has partnered with the city of Zibo, China, the birthplace of football, to collectively manage and brand the Zibo Sports Complex consisting of a 45,000 seat soccer arena, an indoor 6,000 seat stadium, and an aquatic center.  All Star Sports will be assisting in worldwide recognition and branding for the birthplace of football, naming rights, and the creation of the Zibo torch for FIFA.  In addition, in the district of Linzi, All Star Sports is developing the promotion of the “Cuju Babies” China football branding, entertainment, and gamification.

All Star Sports is currently involved in strategy development with municipalities for event organizing and increasing stadium use for sporting events.  These strategies also include sports education, coaching, curriculum building, local promotions, youth activities, and collegiate activities to promote better health and training of young athletes and future stars.

All Star Sports also specializes in corporate branding and sponsorship for all types of sporting events including volleyball, football, basketball, tennis, MMA, and others throughout Asia, with China being the current focus.


All Star Sports goal is to work in partnership with sports oriented individuals, organizations, and municipalities for the overall promotion of sporting events and promotion.  Our initial strategy targets second and third tier cities for sports reform in those cities and create sports education and curriculum programs targeting the youth to the older generations.  Our short term goal is to increase use of stadium facilities for both amateur and professional events, enhance the general public’s interest in sports, and provide opportunities for higher sporting activity by all persons.  The long term goal is to maximize the public’s embracing of all sports, and promotion of all sporting events with maximum participation, including modernization of sports and newly developed technology in sports.

As a total of GDP, the sports industry overall is 7% in the United States.  China lags well behind at less than 1% of its GDP coming from the sports industry.  All Star Sports has a vision of developing the sports industry in China and building momentum in this growing sector of the economy.  Our vision can help China grow this industry exponentially.



A collective combination of sports and culture that creates the momentum for society with an awareness of human development from an individual, team, region, nation, and globally.  This philosophy will create an economic and social transformation to the delight of achievement and forming a unique model for the sports industry.



All Star Sports is a profit company that is involved heavily in non-profit functions.  It has a deep understanding of the sports market and giving back to society through educational curriculums, learning camps, and also promotion of sports throughout second and third tier cities.

All Star Sports goal is to concentrate towards second and third tier city sports promotion.  This will create economic upliftment and benefit to the city, districts, and people.

All Star Sports has deep coalition with domestic and international foundations, such as the Soul Foundation USA and China Sichuan Province Foundation for Desertification Control.

All Star Sports is dedicated towards the upliftment for children, youth, and women’s sport needs.  We also have an interest in disabled athlete promotion, domestic and internationally.

All Star Sports has committed a percentage of its income gained from the sports industry to inject into the promotion of these social programs.  All Star Sports also has plans to work with sports lottery programs, to utilize monies for social programs.  This way, goals of All Star Sports will not only support and create the sports industry, but will bring new jobs, and social economical benefits.